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Kemi Olunloye, is a Nigerian self acclaimed journalist who spent up to 20 years in  United States doing who knows what" she has been fiercely revealing the bad corrupt practices raging on in Nigerian Government and it's politics using the Social media sites as a medium of publication, Instagram and Twitter.

Kemi Olunloye

Amidst several dislikes for her mode of journalism, she has won the hearts of many Nigerians because of the authenticity and realism of her revelations.

Below are the four Amazing qualities we think made Nigerians fall in love with Kemi Olunloye:-


Kemi Olunloye is outspoken and never afraid, she is just like a lion and scared of nobody at all, in a country where journalist have been arrested, assassinated and tortured Kemi will never shy away, this have been demonstrated in her choice of words.

Real Time

No one could guess how she gets her information, but one thing that is sure is that it's accurate, on time and even unveiling top hidden government secrets before the official release, top secrets like davido's baby mama issue, Abba Kayri's coronavirus death, how the hell could she have Done that; well she often mentions "my sources" maybe she has a mole or hackers, just maybe.


Always on point, with exact date and time, Kemi Olunloye will dare you to go and verify, that her sources are real, she will also supply names, exact names with locations of the said event,  weather you believe it or not, it will come to pass. The main reason why top Nigerian new site like saharaReporters.comPunch News paper and guardian newspaper are amazed by her skills in journalism.


Kemi Olunloye was reported to be in her early 50's a single mom, never had she been seen to be around her kids, it's understandable though, considering the mode of her journalism, she will be endangering their lives, so as it stands she has nothing to loose, she's wise, experience she has the resources and support, guess that's why she's blunt with a never die attitude!

source the infopedia

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