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I ran across this instagram video in it is TACHA posted by Zfancy a popular prankster, he does real pranks which often involves recording of his faked short events for entertainment purposes, at the end he will reveal to the people involved that it's just a prank and not real.


In the video he shot with TACHA, it was not pre-arranged therefore it was supposed to be one of those short videos in which at the end he will reveal to TACHA that It was a joke, but it ended with a hot slap.

What caught my attention was the statement TACHA made

        "They did not pay for you the room"

This statement alone meant she is actually a Runs girl a glorified way of describing a prostitute, Someone took her there, paid for the room and when the Zfancy guy came in with his Rape accusation prank she felt her hosts didn't pay for the room  before leaving, don't asking what she did with them for we all what it might be.

This was even before she was nominated into BBnaija Really show

Watch the video below

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