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What is wrong with M.i Abaga?
This article aims to analyze the development within the music life of Jude M.i Abaga, it does not portray any element of hate or despise because the author in himself is also a fan of his music.

Quick Review 
10 years ago, the entertainment industry witnessed an explosion and revolution in the rap music steaming from a short black boy who introduced himself as M.i, real name is Jude Abaga, he introduced a new style of music which is a combination of hit songs into a one song through rapping, that was seen in his hit song "Safe". Safe became a sudden hit upon it's release, gathering many views and critics, it also propelled the Nigerian rap music into greater heights and recognition in Africa, this was a feat other existing rappers like Mode 9 and Rugged man could not uphold, he followed the success of Safe with several great tracks such as Action film, Anoti, One Naira, Bad Belle, Undisputed, African Rapper #1, Nobody, Bullion van. At recent time m.i seems to be a shadow of himself.

Jude m.i abaga

Time-line of embarrassing moments
I like m.i style of rap, and am always eager to play his latest songs, but as of late the rapper seems not to have anything to offer, no good music or whatsoever, using ill tactics to stay relevant, below is the time-line of the moments M.i seems to portray a sign of a washed out rapper.

When m.i reportedly sued Nas for delivering bad verse-October 2017
M.i and chocolate city reportedly sued Nas and mass appeal records for duping them of the sum of $50,000, in the lawsuit filed against Nas in the New York supreme court M.i stated that the rapper failed to mention his name, his record label and African struggles, as agreed in their contract. 
While i do not doubt the authenticity of his claim, I would like to point out some facts,
  1. They was no teaser from M.i about a collaboration with Nas.
  2. They was no response from Nas and his legal crew.
  3. They was also no news about how the case ended.
  4. The case and accusation came up suddenly and died suddenly.

When M.i said Kanye stole his ideas about album launch-November 2018
A moment of frenzy grip the entertainment industry in the upper half of last year when Kanye West started his outburst, the rapper also released  three successive albums. 
Amidst all Kanye West booza whooza which made him became the most talked about artist last year, M.i felt he should not be left out or maybe he felt Nigerian music industry should be in the mix, M.i therefore accused kanye of stealing his idea, said he previously nursed the idea to released three albums he executive produced, maybe Kanye west read read his mind lol! isn't m.i a joke

Kanye West

When m.i accused J.cole of stealing his style-Jan 2019
Someone on tweeter tweeted that J.cole middle child sounded like m.i head of the family song, maybe the user was looking for followers or maybe out of curiosity, but he actuality tagged M.i and J.cole in the post, to cap it all up M.i saw the post and was quick to re-tweet the tweet claiming J.cole copied his styled, in his words;
              "smh.... nigga been bitting my styles for years"

I reviewed both J.cole's song and M.i's, it is the intro that sounded alike, head of the family was slower than J.cole's middle child, beats never sounded alike. and head of the family was released three years ago.....isn't M.i a joke.


M.i have been uninspiring for the past two years, producing no good music and making noise, the last time he came close to good music was when he released "you rappers should fix" which caused a lot of controversy.

Think i got it all wrong let me know in the comment section,

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