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Chris Brown yeap! you heard it right! who doesn't know Chris Brown, if you don't know him, you're missing out big time, dude is a pack of inspiration, amidst his troubles with Rhianna and recently being accused with rape charges you would think he's a scum, but hey! don't go there, the famous RnB crooner does nothing but inspires his followers on Instagram, Ain't always about show off, posting regularly tips about life difficulties and depression. Go look him up and follow him Asap.

Vector my man! this dude can write you a novel of motivational messages, yes! he is that good, always smiling and full of joy, if this guy does not inspire you then no one can inspire you. The no mumble rapper is filled with inspirational messages that sometimes seems too long to read, but i do read it all. Don't know how to start your week, feel out and down go and follow vector and come alive.

Short motivational messages, how to mind your business and no nonsense attitude that's right you're just looking at the right man, kcee don't play all the time, dude is so damn serious and knows how you keep you locked to him, he tells how to get up and going even when you don't get the recognition you deserve.
Another great thing this guy does is that he does give out fantastic gifts to his followers, just to spice up your days, so you don't wanna miss out on his next gifts just follow him.

The guy that does no wrong, appears to be perfect, Trey hardly post motivational messages but there is no dulling moments with this guy, just as his looks are so is the type of stuffs he posts on his Instagram is, the guy will keep you thrilling always, his daily activities will have you thinking about being responsible and hardworking. To get get to know how to hang out with friends and be happy just follow Trey Songz.

Ice Prince Zamini, the guy has been on a low since his split up with Chocolate City music label 2016, but active on Instagram, not a show off type of guy or maybe there is nothing to show off? well i don't know, but when you talk about motivational messages or daily tips about life management crisis the guy is in the list. check him out on Instagram for regular dosage.

By their posts you shall know them, if you have noticed, this guy's looks is not appealing and so are his lyrics, but wait! before we crucify him, the guy is something different when it comes to his Instagram posts, his is very inspiring so to say, even when we know his lyrics must be censored when played to persons under 18, you don't need to do that to his Instagram posts, why? he is just basic and simple filled with encouraging words and advises. Follow him and learn a thing or two.

Not the picture you have in mind? yeah me too, lets just forget the hard looks, the smokes and weird looks, Oluwa Burna is really a guy to follow on I.G, will always post pictures in a grid and tell yah to keep your head up and be a man, so much more to him than his musics, you don't miss a thing when you follow Burna, having struggles in life? don't worry you're not the only one, just follow him.

Banky .W is on another level, this guy? hmm... Where will i start, you want an epistle, novel or a scroll filled with inspirational messages, not just inspirational messages but detailed inspirational messages written in a structured manner, this is surely the right candidate, sometimes i wonder if this guy is a lecturer or something similar but am not sure yet, but if you have this guy in your list then you must be getting overdose of inspiration and motivational tips or messages.

This girl is fun! Would have expected a spirit filled sometimes boring posts every time you see her post, but that is not the case, the Jesus loves me crooner is fully packed with funny and happy moments, she can act eeh! and of course release good motivational messages, if you follow her you must have a reason to smile one way or the other, ranging from short video clips and excited pictures, so follow her.

The last man on the list but certainly won't be the last man to post an inspiring post on Instagram daily, this guy is just good take it from me, good post, real good posts to keep you active spiritually and physically, one thing he also does is that he brings his wife in the mix to balance things, i like him and i know you will.
Waste no time check him out now and follow him on Instagram.

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